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About Coaching

In its simplest form, coaching is a really productive and useful conversation. Coaching can help you to improve your life and various situations in a multitude of ways. Helping you to identify and achieve goals or supporting you through a particularly challenging and complex scenario. It enables you to find some space to reflect and gain some perspective.

Through coaching you will learn new ways of thinking and be able to adopt a new approach to a situation. You will be able to get results, which might mean that you feel better and reach some peace of mind. It could be that you have certain goals, you will be able to focus on those better or be more organised and effective at work or in your home life. You can gain confidence in certain situations, or perhaps simply relate to other people more effectively.

How does coaching work?

A combination of observation, questioning, listening and feedback will be used to create a conversation rich in insight and learning. As a result you will experience a focus and attention that enables you to develop greater awareness and appreciation of your own circumstances. This will empower you to create new ways to resolve issues, produce better results and generally achieve goals more easily.

Polly Roebuck – Director, Apple & Mum
”From our first session I felt understood by Clare. She has a fantastic ability to get under the skin of what I am thinking & feeling- and has helped me to find clarity & make sense of my personal learning. Clare has a way of being direct & challenging - but critically for me in such a way I feel completely supported. I am moving in a positive new direction which is both scary & exciting! I have momentum I didn’t have before my sessions with her.”