Workshops - SEND Insights

One of the key aspects of Raising Spirit is to build greater awareness for teachers, parents and organisations to better understand what it is like to be a parent of a non-neurotypical child. If you feel your staff or colleagues would benefit from some insight through a work-shop then please do get in touch.

The world can be very challenging for parents of non-neurotypical children and often it is due to a lack of understanding between what is involved at home and expected at school. Typically developing children and their parents, teachers  and other professionals involved in education may all benefit from these insightful workshops which will allow for greater compassion and empathy when working with or speaking to parents of SEND children.  



Coaching for SEND Professionals

Working in the field of SEND as a teacher, SENCO, therapist, educational psychologist – whatever you do, it’s a demanding and quite often emotionally challenging vocation.

The attachments and relationships you are managing can lead to a place of overwhelm. Through coaching you will be able to empower yourself to discover what beliefs may be getting in your way to a truly fulfilling and satisfying day at work.

Solutions to issues that you had not identified will be uncovered and you will be able to identify new ways to manage your relationships and professional commitments


SEND Professionals Insight

Clare Norman can work with you in your school or nursery to help build more acceptance amongst students other children, teachers or carers around the world of SEN and neuro-diversity.  

As part of your inclusion policy, programs and workshops are offered and can be packaged to your specific requirements. 

Please make contact to enquire and discuss your areas of interest.



Reflexology for Childcare Professionals

For childcare providers and those involved on a regular basis with children either typically developing or non-nuerotypical, knowledge of reflexology can be hugely beneficial. Assisting with many common concerns and helping to empower professionals with the ability to calm and relax a child or stimulate the digestive transit - if appropriate. 

For your nursery or school a specific workshop can be created to target any main areas of concern. 

Please do get in touch for a conversation around how workshops can be merged to address a number of areas and support you and your staff.