About Clare Norman

Expert coach and reflexologist Clare Norman is the founder of Raising Spirit. As a parent of a non-neuro typical child, she set up Raising Spirit in 2017 to support parents going through similar experiences to her own raising her SEND son.

Clare provides one-to-one coaching and workshops for parents facing challenging circumstances or with children who have special educational needs she also runs reflexology training workshops. Raising Spirit is always specifically tailored to empowering you with knowledge, self help and the benefits of reflexology for various health concerns. Simple techniques are taught allowing you to better support yourself and your children or new babies. These techniques can be specifically beneficial for children on the spectrum or with developmental and learning difficulties.

Clare is particularly knowledgeable on the subject of alternative therapies and complimentary healthcare. She trained as a Reflexologist in London with the Bayley School of Reflexology in 2004 and is a member of the British Reflexology Association. She is also a member of the International Coaching Federation and has worked with many individuals and families over the years advising on wellbeing. Clare is highly experienced in helping individuals to manage stress and  embrace techniques such as mediation and other self help practises. 



“I had coaching with Clare when I was flat and unmotivated. Clare put me at ease and made me feel comfortable, her questions were thought provoking and designed to draw out answers I didn’t even know I had. It was incredible how quickly a plan began to formulate. Her way of working quickly managed to reignite my confidence and passion in the first session. By the second session, I was absolutely buzzing with new ideas and motivation.

I would really recommend Clare, even if like me, you have no real idea of the direction you want to take. A session with Clare is pure alchemy.”
— Dawn Rolls, Parent, Nutritionist Kinesiologist
“Clare is amazing. Her reflexology has helped me feel normal again after months of being run down and continually ill.

Our sessions have a positive mental effect as well as physical and Clare is always ready with suggestions of something else that could help. I would highly recommend a visit!”
— Neal Manning, Parent & Company Director
“Not only a very talented reflexologist, but one of life’s special people, Clare treats much more than just your physical symptoms.

I always feel both relaxed and energised after a treatment and no other reflexologist that I have seen gets the same results, I never hesitate to recommend her. I also have Clare to thank for helping me conceive almost immediately after starting treatments with her. Her sound advice and reflexology experience did the trick!’
— Toni Byrne, Parent & Business Owner

Our Mission

To empower and support parents facing challenging circumstances

  • To generate greater awareness and exposure for the challenges facing SEN parents and families of non-neuro typical kids. The challenges faced across all walks of life can be very demanding for SEN families. Those that are struggling the most are having to fight the hardest to get the basic levels of care and support needed to raise their children.
  • Support parents as they navigate the world of SEND
  • Assist with building acceptance of neurodiversity and encourage greater inclusion across society as a whole.
  • Build knowledge and awareness of the benefits of reflexology and holistic healthcare  as a preventative measure and support for good health. Some of the many challenges faced by parents of non-neuro typical children or new parents with infants can be alleviated through reflexology & complimentary healthcare.

Contact Us

Raising Spirit currently offers day clinics in Harley Street & Weymouth Street part of the Harley Street Medical Area (HSMA) in London as well as Surbiton, and Twickenham at the Orchard Clinic.

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