About Reflexology

Reflexology is a holistic therapy that treats the whole body (physically, emotionally and spiritually).

Clare offers her extensive experience and practical knowledge of reflexology to empower parents of both new babies and SEND. Working with Clare through attending a workshop or through a one-to-one consultation will provide you with amazing insight into how to support your child on a physical and emotional level. You will learn how to alleviate many common childhood symptoms and develop a sacred space.

Reflexology is a wonderful opportunity to bond with your child that you will treasure as they grow.

I was a bit of a cynic before having reflexology, but I have to say Clare (quite literally) changed my life. Having struggled to conceive, I had a course of reflexology with Clare and credit her with helping me fall pregnant with my son. She’s incredibly easy to open up to and I always left my sessions feeling more optimistic and confident we’d succeed. Clare cares about your spirit - as well as the soles of your feet! I have recommended her to several friends since, who’ve also had the same success.
— Hannah Grogan

Infant Reflexology Workshops

A lovely intimate workshop that empowers you with the knowledge to bring balance and harmony to your baby. 

Learn how to create a sacred space and special bond that will grow with you throughout your childs development right through to adolescence  and beyond.

Connect to your baby by learning simple reflexology techniques that provide deep relaxation and assist with common infant symptoms.

Reflexology is a holistic therapy that can help babies as they develop with: 

Colic, constipation, teething, sleep, relaxation, development of neurological pathways and much more.

Maximum of eight mums (or dads) and babies per workshop. Diagrams & handouts are provided. 


When one of my NCT friends organised a reflexology workshop for five of us and our babies, I must admit I was a bit dubious at first. However, from the moment I met Clare I instantly felt at ease. Clare was so approachable in her manner and down to earth, it made the session very enjoyable. Reflexology was a whole new world to me and Clare made it interesting with extremely easy advice to follow. My baby boy was suffering with constipation for some time, and Clare demonstrated and taught a very simple way to combat this. I kid you not, my boy has not been constipated since that day, and so the workshop has been invaluable to us. It’s amazing what Clare can teach in such a small amount of time, and I was very grateful for the further information she provided on alternative remedies for reflux.
— Andrea Barrie & Miles

One-to-One Reflexology Consultation

A personalised one-to-one reflexology consultation with Clare will allow you to talk through your concerns and for Clare to develop a programme specifically for your child. Training for you with an opportunity to practise on your child will be provided. A follow up session with Clare is included as well as telephone contact as required.

Reflexology for children can help to support many common concerns including:

Support with digestive transit (constipation), anxiety, aches & pains, sinus problems, overall relaxation & much more.

Consultations can be in your home to ensure a completely safe and nurturing environment for your child. Handouts and notes are provided.

I had baby reflexology with Clare when my little girl was just over a month old. Clare is extremely knowledgeable on the subject with years of experience and made both myself and my baby girl feel at ease.  We chatted prior to starting the treatment about what we would like to achieve and Clare really took the time to understand what I was hoping to gain from the treatment, listened carefully & gave friendly, useful advice.

Whilst performing the reflexology she explained the points she was using and how they relate and taught me how I can use the reflexology on my baby at home which was invaluable. She also drew a diagram for my reference with the points listed and where they relate to etc..

I saw instant results from the very first treatment, it was really quite remarkable and the reflexology continued to work when practiced at home as taught and shown by Clare. The reflexology helped tremendously with my babies constipation and colic and is a natural non medicinal alternative which is a huge plus as well as bonding opportunity for mum and baby.
— Lauren Chase & Sienna

SEND Parent Reflexology Workshop

Reflexology is a wonderful non-invasive and highly effective complimentary therapy that holds the potential to address many of the issues that non-neuro typical children and their parents are faced with - not only physical symptoms but also emotional, mental and spiritual.

Reflexology reduces many of the common emotional and physical symptoms associated with SEN children. These include: developing a strong connection and special bond; relaxation (combating anxiety & stress); addressing digestive issues often caused by anxiety (IBS, stimulation of neural pathways, neurological processing); promotion of good sleep (through melatonin production); and through stimulation of pineal gland.

Delivered in a friendly workshop you will learn simple techniques to practise reflexology on your child and to assist with common concerns. Diagrams and handouts are provided.

Reflexology has really helped my Daughter with complex special needs. She is naturally quite anxious and prone to meltdowns. The reflexology techniques that Clare taught me have really helped to relax her, both when she is getting worked up and at bedtime as part of the winding down process. It is also a lovely bonding experience between us.
— Louise & Sophia