Personal Rates

At Raising Spirit flexibility, diversity and inclusion are some of our most important values. We will work with you in any way that works for you to offer a blend of knowledge according to your interests.  If you would like to discuss ways of incorporating different aspects of what you have seen into a package then please make contact to discuss your specific ares of interest. Some of the most popular ways of working with us are below together with an idea of prices.



We can work to suit you


You will usually want a minimum of at least three coaching sessions although coaching will provide immediate impact from session one. The sessions take place over the phone, online or in person depending on location. On calls between sessions Clare is happy to provide wellbeing advice and guidance.

The coaching sessions are focused purely on empowering you to resolve your challenges and are offered in 1.5hr sessions or 1 hr sessions.

Prices are advised following initial consultation and taking your circumstances into account. 



One-to-one Consultations

infant reflexology consultation

A personalised consultation with Clare where your child will receive a full reflexology treatment and assessment. Your areas of concern will be discussed and a specific programme developed for you to work directly on a routine basis with your child. A follow up consultation of 30 mins is included as well as diagrams and notes.

You will come away with a life long skill that you can use time and time again as your child develops and grows to assist with their general wellbeing and good health.


 A 50% non refundable deposit is requested to secure your booking) 

reflexology for send consultation

Wherever possible your child will receive a full treatment and your areas of concern will be discussed. Clare can provide various tips, resources and advice together with a programme to support your child with Reflexology. You will be equipped with a life long skill set but as time develops and needs change if a second consultation is required then this is offered free of charge. The consultation works the same as for typical children but due to the nature of some non-neurotypical children and their challenges if we need more time or to reschedule appointments within reason flexibility is offered. 


 A 50% non refundable deposit is requested to secure your booking) 

Clare only offers one-on-one reflexology treatments as part of the above or with a block of coaching as part of an overall wellbeing package where a block of reflexology can complement a total mind, body and soul overhaul. An additional fee of £60 per session is charged for a minimum of 6 reflexology sessions alongside a block of six coaching sessions.


Private Group Workshops


group infant reflexology workshop

New parent baby Reflexology workshops are for a max of 8 babies in one session. A minimum of two parents & babies per workshop with a 50% non refundable deposit is required. You will be provided with diagrams and notes and will come away confident to alleviate a number of common childhood symptoms to support your child for ultimate wellbeing and good health.

FROM £100 per parent

(according to location and requirements - includes 1.5 hr workshop with 1 follow up call included per parent if required)

group send parent reflexology workshop

These workshops can be for as many parents as you can rally together at a time. For a 1.5hr training session that can be catered to your interest. A max of 15 parents is advisable.  The cost can be split between parents to make it more economical. This workshop is for parents only (not children). Diagrams and notes are provided. A 50% non refundable deposit is required. 

FROM £250

(according to location and requirements)


Self Help Workshops 

Clare also offers SEND parent self-help workshops. These are for parents only and will help you to discover ways to ensure you thrive throughout your journey as a parent of non-neurotypical child. Please make contact to discuss your interest for a group workshop in this area. 

The workshops are based on the book Raising Spirit which is currently under review by publishers.

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Business Rates

for schools or child care providers

We take a flexible approach at Raising Spirit and all workshops can be created to your specific needs and the interests of your staff. If you wish to merge the content of two workshops and look at developing some of the content you have seen on the website into a package please do make contact to discuss. 


Group workshops reflexology

Group Reflexology workshops for SEN (parents only) up to 40 attendees this workshop is not for children. Handouts are provided and you will be taught key points to stimulate on the foot for common concerns related to your area of interest. This could be for non-neurotypical children specifically or for typically developing infants and toddlers. The workshop will be tailored to your requirements. 

Average duration 2hr


send insights or self help workshops

SEND insights can be developed according to your areas of interest and targeted to parents of children with special educational needs or to professionals working in the world of SEND. As part of your inclusions policy we can also discuss topics suitable for children in your nursery or school. Handouts can be provided. 

Average duration 2hr



Books & Resources

Clare is currently seeking a publisher for a SEN Parent Self Help book. With further news on that and future workshops coming later in the year. Thanks for your patience and interest.