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About Coaching

In its simplest form, coaching is a really productive and useful conversation. Coaching can help you to improve your life and various situations in a multitude of ways. Helping you to identify and achieve goals or supporting you through a particularly challenging and complex scenario. It enables you to find some space to reflect and gain some perspective.

Through coaching you will learn new ways of thinking and be able to adopt a new approach to a situation. You will be able to get results, which might mean that you feel better and reach some peace of mind. It could be that you have certain goals, you will be able to focus on those better or be more organised and effective at work or in your home life. You can gain confidence in certain situations, or perhaps simply relate to other people more effectively.

How does coaching work?

A combination of observation, questioning, listening and feedback will be used to create a conversation rich in insight and learning. As a result you will experience a focus and attention that enables you to develop greater awareness and appreciation of your own circumstances. This will empower you to create new ways to resolve issues, produce better results and generally achieve goals more easily.

Polly Roebuck – Director, Apple & Mum
”From our first session I felt understood by Clare. She has a fantastic ability to get under the skin of what I am thinking & feeling- and has helped me to find clarity & make sense of my personal learning. Clare has a way of being direct & challenging - but critically for me in such a way I feel completely supported. I am moving in a positive new direction which is both scary & exciting! I have momentum I didn’t have before my sessions with her.”

Coaching for Parents

Make life work for you with coaching

Parenting can be tough. Balancing family life and professional demands alongside your own personal needs can be challenging. With coaching you can create balance and discover ways to support yourself and enhance family life. If you are struggling through a particularly stressful or difficult time, are feeling overwhelmed and need a space to reflect on what is important to you coaching can be hugely helpful. Creating shifts literally from the first session. 

Regardless of the challenges you are facing, coaching will enable you to look at your options, reset your thinking and find practical steps to move forward. You will be able to improve your wellbeing and positively change habits, patterns of behaviour or beliefs that no longer work for you. 


Coaching for SEND parents

Empowering questions will help you to make important decisions & navigate life with a non-nuerotypical child with confidence & peace of mind

Coaching can help you to improve your life circumstances in a multitude of ways. Helping you to identify and achieve goals or support you through a particularly challenging and complex scenario. For parents of non-neurotypical children coaching can provide a sacred space of self-reflection and an opportunity to process the emotional implications of juggling life and all its demands with your child. 

Discover ways to support yourself better and enhance family life. Process the complex nature of finance, work / life balance, educational challenges and much more by giving yourself a space to take positive practical steps or adapt your mindset around beliefs that may be holding you back. 

Raising any child is a challenge but raising a child with special educational needs or a disability can be a very lonely and difficult path. Coaching is where you will find the pieces of information you need to feel great and confident about the way you are raising your kids. 


Coaching for SEND Siblings & Kids

For siblings of SEND children a safe space to identify and resolve worries can be invaluable. Coaching for kids will allow your child to be honest and open in a confidential setting and will empower them to be resourceful and find positive resolutions and solutions.

Clare will coach your child around any subject whether it is related to SEND or not but with an ability to tap into the underlying context of the issue.

Combined with Reflexology training for you and your child a nurturing and nourishing space can be created which can really help to enrich family life and build positive bonds between the whole family.