About Clare Norman

Expert coach and reflexologist Clare Norman is the founder of Raising Spirit. As a parent of a non-neuro typical child, she set up Raising Spirit in 2017 to support parents going through similar experiences to her own raising her SEN son.

Clare provides one-to-one coaching and workshops for parents facing challenging circumstances with children who have special educational needs and also runs reflexology training workshops. The reflexology workshops are specifically tailored to explaining specific benefits and offer simple techniques to support parents with their children (or new babies), children on the spectrum or with developmental and learning difficulties.

Clare is a self-help guru, particularly knowledgeable on the subject of alternative therapies and highly experienced in the world of complementary healthcare. She trained as a Reflexologist in London with the Bayley School of Reflexology in 2004 and is a member of the British Reflexology Association. She is also a member of the International Coaching Federation and has worked with many individuals and families over the years advising on holistic healthcare and as a reflexologist.

Clare has helped many individuals to manage stress and  embrace stress reducing  techniques such as mediation and general well-being practises.   

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About Clare Norman